06.30.04 Lexar�s Preannouncement

June 26, 2004 We had an odd week and certainly a very odd last few minutes on Friday. They were re-balancing the Russell indices and many index funds were flailing all around. We actually saw tech stocks jumping $2.00 and...

Litecoin Trading

July 2004 Right now, chip sales are exploding and should break the Internet-powered record of 2000! This makes it clear that the Fourth Wave expansion I�ve been telling you about is in full force, driven by Universal Connectivity. In this month�s issue, I give you a close look at one of our newer buys that focuses on wireless high-speed network connections. This market should grow by $1 billion within four years, which spells a tremendous profit opportunity for us. How does a potential gain of more than 150% by the end of next year sound? I also give you a mid-year outlook on each of our stocks and what you can expect over the next six months and beyond.

Investing in Automated Crypto Trading

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