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Mike Murphy"A near legend in Silicon Valley for his stock picking prowess."
--Nation's Business

Michael Murphy is one of the nation's leading experts in the exciting technology industries—electronic, medical and biotechnology—where companies are revolutionizing the way we live. He began his career in the industry's infancy, first as a technology analyst for American Express in 1970 and later as the head of a software company.

For the last two decades Murphy has worked as an independent tech investment writer, where he has shared his stock recommendations and unique industry analysis with thousands of individual investors. Today, Murphy is author of the Technology Investing advisory service, which was rated America 's top investment newsletter in 1999 by an independent industry watchdog.

In Technology Investing, Murphy helps you profit from the leaders in tech. In the mid-'80s, Murphy developed his proprietary "Growth Flow" model of tech stock analysis, which uses research and development spending, as well as other criteria, to determine a company's future performance.

Murphy is also a featured investment expert in Worth, is often quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and Money, and makes frequent appearances on CNBC and CNNfn. He resides in Half Moon Bay, California, where he enjoys raising llamas and racing electric cars.

Here's what Michael Murphy Can Do For You!

Join Murphy's Technology Investing advisory service today, and he will show YOU the safest way to make your fortune from this once-in-a-lifetime, massive technology revolution we are living through.

Using his well-researched facts, personal industry connections and proven Growth Flow system, Murphy will show you how to buy the right technology ( electronic, medical and biotechnology) stocks at the right time -- before Wall Street catches on to their potential. And when the time comes to exit, he won't leave you guessing; Murphy will tell you exactly when to take your profits.

As a Technology Investing member, you'll receive his in-depth monthly advisory letter, weekly market updates, urgent flash bulletins by fax or email whenever an urgent profit opportunity arises, and his special stock analysis anytime the market makes a big move. Plus, he'll personally guarantee your trial subscription with his personal six-month money-back guarantee, and send you a host of special bonus reports to get you started. Don't delay -- click here for the profit-packed details!

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